Animal Jam game review for beginners

Children are supposed to learn and not play games with their future, right? Wait. What’s wrong if a game is created where children learn valuable life lessons as they play the game?…animal-jam

Welcome to the game of Animal Jam Jam

In this Animal Jam game review, you are going to learn about what this exciting game is all about…how it is played plus its pros and cons. Then let’s get rolling now.

What is Animal Jam Jam?

Animal Jam Jam is a game created by National Geographic specifically for kids. You may create and adopt some animal as a friend from various species and create a funny, whimsical name. Since this name is generated, and not given, you may rest assured that your child’s and your information remains safe. The game is created to teach kids about different animals plus their life, while at the same time providing them a colorful world to explore. Different mini-games plus prizes lie in wait for them to help in developing their motor skills plus good learning behavior.

The Game of Jam Jamfox

To begin, you select your animal character, and name them. You then enter the game, whereby you may begin to explore or adorn your character with fun clothes plus accessories. Everybody first goes to the training grounds, from where you are on your own whilst you learn the rubrics of the game.

The first task in the ground is to try getting near the phantom. Then you find the Panda Alpha ( oh! Her name is Liz) who is going to lead you to Chomper plant in order to defeat Phantom. You then sneak through tall grass so that the phantoms will not see you.Completing the tasks earns you sudden levels-up!


The game has several levels, with each level having different fun activities plus goals. From the training grounds, the kids can now play with others in a virtual adventure which they can explore.

Non-members may play three types of adventures: Meet Cosmo, Phantom Portal, and Return of the Phantom. Members may play all these and also play the Greatest Escape, The Hive, Find Greely, and Greely Inferno. Greely is just the wolf Alpha who needs assistance to find the Phantom Fortress so to eliminate phantoms.

Lessons Learned

Kids learn so much in Animal Jam Jam. By gathering various species like animals, plants ( and even rocks), you can learn a lot of valuable lessons you can apply to real life situations.

Throughout the game of Animal Jam Jam, kids gather things through trading with other players. By earning diamonds and coins that they may use to buy things. They learn to be self-independent

The social aspect of this game is possibly what makes it more exciting than some static video game. They get to interact with the other players through chatting. Everybody is encouraged to be nice, and make friends. You may even find here your real-life friends on the game, and trade with them!



  • Safe setting for kids.
  • Recommended by National Geographic.
  • Great character customization.


-Designed for kids, so some might not enjoy.

-Membership needed for several game features.

Bottom Line

In a game kids learn by playing, the game of Animal Ja Jam is highly recommended.

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